My 4-Year-Old Broke My Nose

I was sitting in my chair and thinking about what to blog about this week. I looked down and saw the huge splint I have on my nose, and it “hit” me. Have you ever looked at those stories online and they say “my son/daughter broke my nose” and you just kind of chuckled to yourself? Yes, that was me a few weeks ago. I could kind of see how it could happen, but I thought it would be a more aggressive and tantrum like occurrence and then be followed by much drama and gore and crying by all parties. Nope, not the way it always happens! At least that’s not what happened to me! If you’d like a little story of how my son broke my nose, stay tuned.

Normal Bedtime Routine Led to Broken Nose

It was a night like all other nights. I had just gotten my 2-year-old to sleep and was in the process of getting my 4-year-old asleep.  We were cuddling and talking while he settled down, and he was whipping back and forth while telling me a story. Then it happened.


The back of his head hit my nose and I felt something smoosh. One issue? I co-sleep with my youngest son still, and we had my sister’s son over that night who was in my older son’s room. This meant I had both kids in bed with me. It had taken me almost 2 hours to get my youngest to sleep and there was no way I was going to wake him up. So here I am, my nose hurting like the dickens, rolling from side to side whispering ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, and my son following me and trying to kiss my nose. I kept holding on to my nose and he kept saying “stop mama. I kiss it”.


Kiss it All Better

Now, a mom’s superpower is kisses. Everything is fixed by kisses. When he kissed my nose and said, “there, doesn’t that feel better?” No way am I going to tell him that his kisses didn’t fix my owie when it’s the main way I fix his! “Yep, it sure did sweetie. Thanks.”

I had to suck it up and finish getting him to sleep while not holding onto my nose as he kept telling me to stop it. I could tell he felt bad, so I had to keep my hands down. Once I got him to bed though, I got up and immediately went into the bathroom.

No bruised eyes!

I was so surprised. However, I did have a bruise across the bridge of my nose, and it didn’t quite look normal. There was a hump where there didn’t use to be. As my parents and I live together (click here to see how I chose to become a single mom) I went out to my mom and told her that I thought my nose was broken. She looked and then agreed. Oh boy.

Trip to the Hospital

 I left the boys asleep with their grandma and hopped into my car to go to the ER. It is a relatively new hospital and it was a Monday night. I got very lucky in that there was absolutely no wait. I signed in and was immediately brought back to my own triage area. I told the nurses what had happened and they kind of giggled at the story. I’m sure they’ve heard it many many times!

I was put into a separate room to wait for the doctor to find out my diagnosis.

After a very quick X-ray, I was told by the doctor that it was indeed broken, but it wasn’t dislocated and there wasn’t anything they could do.  So, to home and bed I went.


Doctors Appointment Scheduled


Fast forward 2 days and my nose is still not looking quite right. It’s bendy where there didn’t use to be a bend and I don’t think it’s the swelling any longer. I made an appointment to see the ENT.

I love my doctor!!  What a wonderful bedside manner he has.  He was able to palpate and move my nose around. He definitely confirmed a break. I was expecting confirmation.  What I was not expecting?  Surgery scheduled for 2 days out.  When you break your nose, they like to get you in surgery within 14 days, or it may heal and require it to be re-broken in order to be fixed.  That didn’t sound like fun.  Neither did surgery though. I may be a curvy girl, but my nose doesn’t need to be as well, so I took the surgery option!

Surgery Day


Toddler Broke My NoseI was scheduled for surgery at noon and at EXACTLY noon I was being wheeled back to the Operating Room. I think this was more a way to get rid of us. My mom and I were having great fun laughing and talking about the tampons I was going to have hanging from my nose and the looks I’d get from people out and about if there were strings attached as well.  I thought we were hilarious.

Unfortunately for them, my hilarity did not end in the OR. I had to share my opinion on how the operating room looked just as I always imagined the ones the little green men had, and then during their surgical roll-call, I decided to add myself in and introduced myself.  You know, just in case they didn’t realize who I was while laying strapped to the table.  They very quickly administered the anesthesia to knock me out. I have a feeling it was to shut me up.  I talk when I get nervous and try to break the ice.  I figure they thought the ice was broken enough.  Lights out, Jodi!


Recovering from Surgery

3 hours later I was waking up in recovery.  Wow, was I groggy!!   I am not used to taking anything stronger than Tylenol so recovering from anesthesia I was having some difficulty keeping my eyes open.  I also noticed, to my relief, that I did not have tampons hanging from my nose!

My throat was sore from the breathing tube I’d had, and I was so thirsty due to not having anything to drink since midnight. They wouldn’t give me any pain medicine unless I had something in my stomach as they were afraid I would get sick. I started sucking down the ice chips and chomping crackers.  They were amazingly good…the ice chips anyway!  I was happily chomping away on those and washing down the crackers that immediately turned into lumpy sand in my parched mouth. I was finally cleared as having eaten enough though and just stuck with the ice with my pain pill.  I was also brought soda and wow did that taste awesomely fantastic!  Just what my throat and head needed.  I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so I didn’t want to chance a caffeine withdrawal headache I knew was coming.


Following Surgery on My Nose


With very little fanfare I was discharged and sent home with 3 things. An antibiotic cream, pain pills and an irrigation bottle for my nose.  I felt very fashionable.  I had a splint on my nose and a bottle to squirt saline up it about every hour.  Nothing makes you feel more irresistible than when you are shooting water up into one nostril while waiting for it to flow out from the other one. Many times a day.

My son is VERY into tractors right now, so I explained what I was doing in tractor terms when he asked. “what are you doing, mom?” “The bottle is helping me harvest my nose and get all the crops out, honey.” Did you hear the choke and the “EW” from my mom in the background?

Recovering From a Broken Nose


Broken nose in a cast

As I’m writing this, I am 4 days from getting the splint removed from my nose and hopefully getting the all-clear. I would really rather not EVER have to go through this again, so I’ve been dodging moving things like arms, dinosaurs, tractors, and heads very quickly the last few days. With a bit of luck, my reflexes will stay this fast for quite a while.


Have you ever experienced a broken nose or any other injuries caused by your children? I would love to experience it with you! Comment below or send me an email to share!



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