Tractors, Trailers, and Dinosaur Players

What do you get a toddler for a gift? Do they love tractors, trailers, or dinosaurs? Or like my 2 sons, do they get a tad bit obsessed with all of the above? I have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old and they both absolutely LOVE the below-recommended gifts. I hope this helps a little bit in deciding what to get a toddler you are shopping for out of the many choices out there!

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1. Jurassic World Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex

One of my biggest splurges for my oldest on his 4th birthday was the huge T-Rex dinosaur. It is pretty amazing actually. It can eat other smaller dinosaurs, little cars, little tractors, and pretty much anything else of a similar size.

Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy

It’s got a giant mouth that the child can put the other toys in, and it swallows them! The best part? The stomach then OPENS and out comes all the toys that were just put in it. The giggles that erupted from both of my boys when the dinosaur dumped out everything that it had eaten was priceless. 

It’s months later and both boys still absolutely love this toy. It’s always a shocker to me what ends up coming out its other end, that’s for sure. Definitely worth the price if your boy, or girl, loves dinosaurs.

 To help see the size of this T-Rex, I’ve placed a hotwheels car in it’s mouth for reference.

2. Light-up Walking and Roaring Spinosaurus 

This toy really surprised me on how popular it was with my boys. My 4 year old’s favorite color is purple, so I specifically did a search for a purple dinosaur. You’d be surprised at how many times “Barney” showed up during my searches! Or maybe not. Ha!

Anyway, in my search this dinosaur pulled up. I’m so glad I gave it a try! The kids both love to bring it in a dark room and turn it on and watch it move around and roar.  Warning: the roaring is constant while the dinosaur is turned on, but you will eventually become immune to it as with all other noise making toys.

 Light-up Dinosaur Toy

One of the fun things they do with it, is put a building block in front of the dinosaur and watch it push it out of the way while it’s walking. It’s so much fun seeing how much they enjoy using their imaginations with this toy.

Same hot-wheels toy in the mouth of the T-Rex above, is also in front of this dinosaur to show size.


3. Mega Blocks Big Building Bag  


Crane Lego buildingI mentioned the building blocks that my kids push around with the purple dinosaur above, and absolutely have to mention those as well. It’s a FAVORITE of theirs and they play with them every day. That is not even an exaggeration. Every single day, they will open the bag of Mega Blocks, dump them out, and just start building.

If you want to see an imagination in a child really start to thrive, definitely go with Mega Blocks. 

So far, they’ve built cranes, combine harvesters, tractors, puppies, dinosaurs, and of course, towers. The time, effort, energy and yes, the imagination that they put into their creations is so inspiring to watch.

4. Foam Peg Blocks  


Foam Peg BagAlong the same lines as the Mega Blocks listed above, another favorite in our house is the Foam Peg Blocks. Every child I’ve ever seen play with these have just had such a blast in building something. They remind me of little engineers as they are constructing and figuring out how they would like to put things together. 

I got the idea when we went to a Children’s Museum in Columbus, OH and they had a whole section of HUGE foam blocks. One of the blocks could be as big as their head and they wouldn’t hesitate to lift one up and start putting the pegs inside to see what they could build, or how high they could get their stack to go. 

After that trip, I went home, looked online and found the miniature, more put away-able size blocks. The kids get to play and imagine, and at the end of the day I get to zip them back up in their bag, set them aside and wait for the dumping the next day.

5. Combine Harvester   


Combine Harvester ToyWe live out in the country right across from a cornfield, or soy depending on the year, and one of the favorite spring and fall activities is watching the tractors work in the field. 

They don’t care if they are watching the tractors sow the seeds or harvest the crops. They simply love the fact that they get to watch a tractor in action.

So, needless to say, their love of tractors is unmatched by anything else. My 4-year-old really enjoys watching the Combine Harvesters. The dirt they kick up, the fact that they can have a different header for each individual crop. *I didn’t know that corn had a different header for harvesting than a soy crop did. Thanks to our many books and YouTube shows we now know A LOT about tractors*

I made a mistake in getting this Combine Harvester in that I didn’t get 2. I now get 2 of everything tractor or truck related. It saves headaches and ALMOST all fights having to do with sharing.

For this Combine, the header actually rotates! I was really pleasantly surprised by this. It’s not really tiny either. They can really go to town and imagine that they are harvesting something.

6. Shag Rug  


Yes, I really did just recommend getting your child a shag rug. You did not read that incorrectly and it’s not a typo. Bear with me. If you look at the picture I have posted for the Combine Harvester just above this, you’ll see that the tractor is on a “field” of crops.

Unfortunately, I’m not creative enough to come up with this on my own. It was actually my 4-year-old that came up with this. We’d gotten a rug for our bathroom in order to be comfy and catch the water. It didn’t last long. Very shortly after we got the rug for the bathroom, it had a permanent place out in the playroom as my son’s field. Of corn.

So! What’s a mom to do. I got him the Combine Harvester for Christmas and then got him a green shag rug to mimic the crops a bit better.

He, however, still preferred the white shag rug, and my 2-year-old ended up loving the green one. They now each have their own fields to plow with their tractors. 

Have I mentioned I adore their imaginations?


7. Mini Construction CAT Tractors   


There is a funny story attached to these cute little tractors.  My oldest son was about to turn 3 and he’d already been head over heels in love with tractors of any kind. So I had a tractor cake made for his birthday.

Mind you, this was over a year ago as he is now 4. (Or if you ask him, 4.5)

The cake decorator suggested getting some small tractors in order for her to decorate the cake with them. I researched online and found these.

They worked absolutely perfectly! They were just the right size for the cake and my son loved them. The surprise for me? They ended up being his favorite present from his birthday. Still to this day, both of the boys play with these tractors, and “excavate” dirt and make the dump truck carry it, and all sorts of other scenario’s that they’ve come up with.

They especially love to take them outside into the sandbox…for obvious reasons. You know…dirt and stuff.

8. Construction Pj’s 


Ok, I have a confession to make. I tend to go a little overboard when my boys like something. If they like tractors, I will get them tractor toys, stickers, books, pj’s, etc. But, I am so glad I’ve gotten the tractor and construction vehicle pj’s. Both of the boys are now at an age where I cannot just tell them what to wear unless it’s for Church. Otherwise, they are very independent little dudes and know exactly what they want to wear.

Including nighttime wear. 8 times out of 10 when I ask what they would like to wear for bed, they inevitably say tractors. Sometimes, it’s even a certain color tractor pj’s. See? They know what they like and they aren’t shy about telling me! Needless to say, I have a vast array of tractor pajamas.


9. Glow in the Dark Dinosaur pj’s  

My son calls these dinosaurs, “Bone Dinosaurs”. It’s for obvious reasons….they are the dinosaurs, but just as bones. hehehe. Anyway! They love glow in the dark PJ’s and having dinosaurs on them too? WIN!!! If they can’t wear tractor pajamas then they definitely want the dinosaurs pj’s. They may not particularly love opening this kind of gift, but I know as a parent, I LOVE them having them.

They look so darn cute and have long legs and arms. So wonderful for this time of year!

10. Dinosaur Play Kinetic Sand   


What kid does not like to play in the sand? Well, my youngest actually didn’t for a little while. He didn’t like his hands dirty. He changed his mind really quick though, let me tell you! He’ll still come to me to show me his hands when they are dirty, but only AFTER he is done playing. Other than that? Game on!

So, in addition to building with blocks, my boys love to build with sand and play-doh. However, I do not like the sand inside, and seeing as how it is not hot enough for sand playing outside for many months out of the year I was on a mission.

One day as we were watching Nick Jr, we saw a commercial for kinetic sand. Ok, this showed promise. But, did Amazon sell it? This is my question for everything. If I can find it on Amazon and can get it on Prime? Yep! I’m good!

So, yes. I did end up getting them the kinetic sand! I got one off-brand, and I couldn’t stand it!! It was so crumbly, didn’t stick together very well and always had me vacuuming.

In the end, I gave it one more try and ordered the kinetic sand. Of course they have dinosaurs AND tractor sand!

What a difference! And they have molds! The molds are so cute. Even I like playing with them. Once again, if you enjoy ramping up your child’s imagination, then this will be a winner all around!


11. Play-doh Dinosaurs and Play-doh Tractors

In the same category as the sand above, we have the play-doh! My 4-year-old will spend a few hours with play-doh when I let him. He’ll drive his tractors through it, build snowmen, give it to me to make a tractor or have his dinosaurs tromp in it…and then I saw it! The dinosaur that was specifically designed to play with play-doh? Wha? Dinosaurs and Play-doh together! I couldn’t believe how quickly that thing got placed into my cart. I don’t know who was more excited about it. Me or my kids.

They will actually play with the dinosaur minus the play-doh even. They really enjoy it, and it’s a cute thing too! Not one of the ferocious beasts that are typically seen.

The fun thing is, we’ve recently discovered another play-doh kit with, you guessed it, tractors! We don’t yet have that, as it’s on the list for Santa to bring this year, but I’m very excited to try it out!

12. Toy Car Tube Ramp  


I do not yet have this particular toy! But, it is on my list for this Christmas. Here’s the reason. My boys love ramps of any kind. If they can find something that slants, they like to push a car or tractor down it to see how far it’ll go. For that reason, this Toy Car Tube will be leaning against our tree this year!

Also, I can see so many more uses for it. It could be a lightsaber when I get them into Star Wars, and it can be a bridge to connect 2 of their creations together. Oh, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

And, if you are handy, I bet you could actually DIY one of these suckers with using simple PVC pipe or something similar. I can’t wait to see them try this out, it’ll be so entertaining!

13. Wall Decals: Dinosaur   


Picture this. Here I am trying to come up with different ideas on how to decorate the kids’ room in order to get it away from the nursery theme of “Nautical” to little boy room full of dinosaurs and tractors. How the heck am I gonna pull this off?

During one of my many search sessions, I ran across decals. Ah-ha! They love stickers, I like that they like stickers, and they would be able to come off the wall when we were done! Wooohooo! Score one for Mom. First came the dinosaur decals for my oldest as he was absolutely obsessed.

This order came with 4 sheets of decals! 4! When I read the details for the decals I hadn’t seen that little tidbit, but was so thrilled. And so was my son! Well, both of them actually! They both loved them. 

I gave all the sheets to my oldest and told him to stick them wherever he wanted to in the room. 

Oh, the giggling that then commenced really lightened my heart and made the night so wonderful. I would have actually included a picture of them on this post, but to be honest, they have pulled them off and put them back on so many times. Some are upside down and some are sideways. I wasn’t sure if the detail would come through accurately and they really are great!


14. Wall Decals: Construction  


As for my 2-year-old, he got a packet of construction vehicle decals. Once again, the packet came with multiple sheets of decals! It took them quite a while to be able to get all the tractors off of the sheets and on to the walls that they wanted. 

As he is a bit shorter than his older brother, you can imagine that quite often he would point and I would stick. That seemed to work really well. The entire time that we were putting up the decals he would be making tractor sounds and having a grand ol’ time! He also was a very giggly little thing with being able to put up the stickers on the wall all by himself for the most part unless he needed it somewhere else. 

Amazingly enough he actually thoroughly enjoyed watching his brother put up the dinosaur decals as well. 

I look at these decals on the wall, and some that have now migrated onto my bedroom wall, and I always think back to that night. The fun that was had, is not to be forgotten!

15. John Deere Farm 


As I think I may have mentioned a “few” times, my boys are lovers of tractors. My oldest actually would like to be a farmer when he grows up. At one point, he could not stop talking about getting his own farm. When we would drive past some corn or soy fields he would say that the farm was his and the crops were his.

Eventually, we found a little farm that would fit inside our very own house! It’s got some tiny pieces but it came with a barn and fences and even some animals. Suggested age on this is 8, and while I can see a bit of a reason for this, I have to say that my 2 toddlers LOVE it! 

They had me build the barn, but they would lift off the roof, or open the doors and drive in their smaller tractors, or try to get one of the animals in. It was so worth the little pieces to see them enjoying this so much. 

One thing did annoy me a bit about the farm and that was the fence pieces. They didn’t really like to stick together very well, but I have a theory. They are meant to go in square shapes, and my son wanted circular. Also, we have carpet and they’d probably do rather well on a linoleum or hardwood floor. Other than this, the purchase was well worth it.

Although, my son still claims all of the other farms outside as his still.   Didn’t really help that aspect of it. Oh! And, they like to use parts of the roof as a ramp to drive their cars down, or use it as a bridge, so it’s also multi-functioning.

16. Noisy Tab Dinosaur book  


Noisy Dinosaur Book ToyWhile all of the items I’m recommending can be educational in a way, I also really love to encourage the boys to spread their imagination through books as I’m a very avid reader. I wondered…they have to have Dinosaur books for kids! Oh, man. Stupid question. Some say there are no stupid questions? This internal question I had for myself actually was. First came the Noisy tab dinosaur book. 

On each page, there’s a little tabby thing that has a button inside. The kids press it, and the dinosaur on that page is then heard! It’s so cute! It was more for my 2-year-old as the older one was a little over those cutesy things, but it was still a great purchase. To be able to hear the dinosaurs and read the book at the same time was so much fun! 

We ended up pressing buttons more than reading sometimes though!

17. Dinosaur ABC Book  


A-Z Dino book giftAs my 4-year-old just started Pre-Kindergarten this year, I wanted him to be able to have fun while really delving into the alphabet so I purchased this Dinosaur ABC Book. This one may be a little bit old for a toddler, but my oldest just ate it up!

The great thing about the book for the adults? It has phonetic spelling on all of the dinosaurs so you are able to actually say the word of the dinosaur. When my son would tell me about the dinosaur, Parasaurolophus (pair -ah-sore-ah-low-fuss)? I was like, bless you! Now I know it was a dinosaur and not him sneezing. We all really enjoyed reading this book and that really helps when they want to keep reading it!

Happy Shopping and Merry Giggles!  


I hope in reading this post and my experiences, as well as the experiences of my children, help you a little in this oncoming season.  Some of the most aggravating parts of shopping is not yet knowing what you want to purchase and just be blindly searching. If you are anything like me, I no longer like to go to the store during the Christmas season as it gets a bit insane. 

Instead, I like to place the order from the comfort of my recliner, in my pajamas and slippers while drinking a diet Pepsi. I can read reviews, compare the items and then buy. 2 days later I have the items at the house ready to be wrapped. 

As long as I’m able to wait long enough to wrap it before giving it as I’M TOO EXCITED to see their reactions. Hehe. 

If you already own one of these items or something similar or if you end up purchasing one, please let me know in the comments below or by email! I’d love to share giggle stories as well as commiserate!

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